Bravura and the Army Song

No PT this morning, so I got up at 6 instead of 4. It sure is nice to be able to sleep in 2 days a week (not counting weekends). Of course, there are some people out there (hi Rick!) that even 6 is too early for them. We spent all morning practicing for our conducting evaluations that are tomorrow. The first 2 hours were spent in our classroom just practicing by ourselves, and then we went down to one of the rehearsal rooms and actually got to play through them. The instructor/evaluator talked to each of us after our turn to let us know what we still needed to work on. I really didn’t have much, except in Ruffles & Flourishes/General’s March and the National Anthem. And one of our SGL’s took me in the hall afterward to relate some of her experiences and stuff to me to help me, and she told me that I had the best military bearing out of everyone that had gone so far! And now for the subject line explanation. We have to do a pre-music march (our choice), arrival of the official party (National Emblem), Honors (2 Ruffles & Flourishes & The General’s March), the National Anthem, and the Army Song. The march of choice for pre-music for most of the 15 of us in the class is Bravura. And we also played the Army Song 15 times today and will do so again tomorrow. So now you understand my subject line.

After lunch, we had our practice hour, and then I stopped to pick up mail. Nothing. Not a thing. 22 soldiers in our 2 classes, and no mail. Bummer. The rest of the afternoon was practicing with our maces outside. They pretty much let us do whatever we needed to do – some people worked by themselves, some in a larger group, some (like me) in a small group. I worked through some of my trouble spots and am starting to get the flow of things better.

After classes were over for the day, I went out to the commissary to get a few things and then home for a nice long shower, call Ryan & Robbie, eat, practice my conducting a little, and then stitch/watch TV. It was a very good day.

Overnight low: 40
Today’s high: 52