From Frisbee Football to DNCO

PT was fun this morning. We played frisbee football for about 1/2 hour. It was BNCOC (my class) versus ANCOC (the advance course) and the cadre. They won, but it was still fun. And I even managed to score once for my team! That’s always exciting.

The rest of the morning was pretty much the usual – mace for 2 hours and then 2 hours of the history of country music, and then conducting. After lunch was our practice hour, mail call (lots for me again, and a few other things), MIDI, and rehearsal techniques. I had to leave before reh. tech. was over as I had to get to Scott Hall (the basic student barracks) for my briefing. I was the Duty NCO (DNCO) this evening – from 4-10:30. It wasn’t too bad and I sure got a lot of PT in – had to do a security check every hour (so 6 of them) and there are 3 buildings with 3 floors each and I had to check each floor of each building plus around the buildings each time. I had to have a male escort when I went on the male floors (7 of the 9 floors), but my phone watch or roving security came with me and announced “Female on the deck” on each floor. Deck because this is a Navy base and they call floors decks. I wear a pedometer just to see how much walking I do each day. Well, today I walked 9.9 miles! I think I’m going to stretch good before I go to bed.

During my DNCO shift, I had 3 students that I had to make new keys for (key cards), 2 that locked themselves out of their rooms, a broken mirror (the nail it was hanging on decided it didn’t want to be in the wall anymore), 2 Marines on extra duty for being late to formation, and my own lock-out. I had just made a key and was in the key box, thus my DNCO keys were in the key box. Then I left the office, and shut the door as I was supposed to do. However, my keys were still in the key box inside the LOCKED office. So I called the BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) Manager and he called around and found someone that had another key to the office and I finally got back in. I did manage to get a little over 1 1/2 hours of stitching in during my 6 hour shift! LOL

I’m glad we don’t have PT tomorrow – I’m TIRED.

Overnight low: 53
Today’s high: 62