The weekend

Well, it’s hard to believe my weekend is over already. I really need to start getting up earlier. LOL Saturday I got to meet one of the ladies in my crochet group. That was fun, although we were kind of disappointed at the activity we had planned. There was a “Knit & Crochet Party” at the local A.C. Moore (craft store). We had figured that we’d be able to sit and chat and work on projects. But no – they just had a few tables set up with different demonstrations and some of the yarn was on sale. Woohoo. *rolling my eyes* So we browsed through the store a bit and then went to lunch at a Mexican place. It was really good and not expensive either. We had a good time talking and getting to know each other even though we didn’t get to crochet together. I got to meet one of her friends as well. Once I got back, I stitched for a while and chatted with Ryan and then went to McDonald’s for supper and then stitched a bit more before bed.

Today was a productive day – chatting with friends, grocery shopping at the commissary, lunch at the food court, and then mace practice and started working on my Finale final project. I also called my guys and got to see/hear Robbie playing the piano (Ryan moved the web cam so I could see him), stitched, and called my parents. I’d say it was a very good day.

Overnight low: 43
Today’s high: 62

My BLOG TAG answers

My friend Ash Blog Tagged me, so I went to her Blog and got the questions she had to answer when she was tagged and here are my answers to those questions:

1. 4 Jobs you’ve had in your life:
— Fast Food
— Casino cashier
— Substitute teacher
— Soldier

2. 4 Movies you could watch over & over ? ( in no particular order )
— Anything Disney
— Forrest Gump
— Schindler’s List
— Happy Gilmore

3. 4 Places you have lived ?
— Michigan
— South Carolina
— Korea
— Georgia

4. 4 TV programmes you love to watch! ?
— Wheel 0f Fortune
— Jeopardy
— any of the CSI shows (original, Miami, NY)

5. 4 Places you have been on Holiday ?
— Michigan
— Florida
— Wisconsin
— Pennsylvania

6. 4 Websites you visit daily ?
— Only One Ewe
— Lifes a Stitch
— Hotmail
— my own (

7. 4 of your Favourite Foods ?
— spaghetti
— mom’s meatloaf
— chocolate
— ice cream

8. 4 Places you would rather be right now ?
— Augusta, GA (home with my guys)
— Michigan (home with my family)
— in bed sleeping
— Hawaii

9. 4 Bloggers you are going to tag? ( Hope they don’t mind 🙂 )
— my Dad
— Eva
— ???
— ??? (I don’t read that many blogs)

That was fun! Now off to do my laundry for the week. . .