Jazz Reports

PT this morning was with the full Army School of Music – basic students, NCO Academy (where I am), faculty and staff. We did circuit training in the gym. It was a lot of fun and we got a pretty good workout, too. After we were done, they presented several awards and also recognized students who scored a 3.0 or higher on their last audition (there were 4 or 5 from my class) and students and faculty that scored 270 or above with 90 in each event on their last PT test. It was nice having all these soldiers recognized in front of everyone.

The rest of the morning was pretty laid back. We did score study, MIDI, baton techniques, and started our jazz presentations. I was the third one to go, and I did well. I was nervous, but I stayed within my 5-10 minute timeframe (one of few that actually did), and I even got some compliments from other students later in the day! After lunch was our practice hour, mail (one thing for me and that’s it), and then jazz reports the rest of the afternoon. Since everyone is going over on their time, we’re not even half done yet and only 2 hours on the schedule to finish them tomorrow. Once the day was done, I was done. I had no homework to do other than practicing conducting which I did in my room. I went out and found my local Michael’s store and got some thread to crochet a doily with for an exchange I joined, some cotton yarn to make a couple of dishcloths, and a few other things. Then I stopped at the commissary for milk on my way home. Once home, I called my guys and watched them on the webcam. Robbie was a lot more talkative tonight than he’s been, so hopefully he’s getting used to Mommy being gone. I got a good start on my doily while I was watching TV tonight – 3+ hours!

Overnight low: 37
Today’s high: 50