I slept in until 10:15 this morning! That sure was nice for a change, after getting up at 4 or 5:30 all week. Of course, it didn’t leave me enough time to get to the chapel service at 10:30, but that’s ok. I had a nice relaxing day today – chatted online and checked my e-mail and stuff. I did laundry (free!!) and when I went to put my clothes in the dryer, there was another guy from my class in there taking his clothes out of the dryer. After he got his out and I put mine in (there are 4 washers but only 2 dryers. why?), we walked over to McDonald’s together for lunch. We had a nice time chatting while we ate. Once we got back, I went and got my clothes out of the dryer, folded them, and brought them back to my room and put them away. I then walked over to the school house to get my mace to practice for a while and I also did some of my research for my jazz report. When I went back to our classroom to put my mace away, there were a few other guys from the class in there. They all wondered where I was heading off to so fast, and I told them to watch my football games. I think they were amazed that I watched football. Oh well. So I went home and turned my games on and also got to chat with Ryan for a while. I got a lot of cross stitching done while I was watching, and I had my first finish of the year. It’s by designer Lizzie*Kate and is called April Flip It. Free Image Hosting at There is one of these for each month, and I’m stitching them all on one piece of fabric to be framed eventually. After I finished this, I got another 3 hours in on one of my other projects. I called Mom & Dad and also got to talk to Rick as they are at his house for the weekend.

Overnight low: 40
Today’s high: 46

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