Brrrrr – Day 6

It was 31 degrees this morning at PT time. BRRRRR It was a nice short and easy PT session today, and I was actually HOME by 7!! I even got to see my guys off. That was a nice change from the past 2 days.
We started the morning off with the NCO Creed, as always, except we each had to get up in front of the class and recite it by ourselves. I got the loudest HOOAH when I was done – I didn’t miss anything! That’s an accomplishment for me for 2 reasons: 1) I have to really work at memorizing stuff and 2) I don’t like speaking in front of people. Then the rest of the day were more classes, but they were pretty fun. We students became the instructors! We were partnered up and each taught half of our assigned class. My partner and I went over our class at lunch and then gave it this afternoon. It was on Intelligence & Electronic Warfare. At the end of the afternoon, our Class Leader announced the new leadership that start tomorrow morning. I’m now the Platoon Sergeant, and I had to go to the Platoon Sergeant’s meeting with the Student 1SG. It wasn’t bad at all – just got information to put out to our platoons. I left at 4:45 and stopped and got Robbie on my way home. I had told Ryan to go straight home as he had been working in insulation and was in need of a shower. We ordered pizza for dinner as we had planned on going out to a Korean restaurant with another band couple, and that ended up not happening. We will reschedule our double date sometime after leave.
I’m off to bed now – it’s been a long day.

Overnight low: 30
Today’s high: 38
Currently: 36

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