Early Morning – Day 4

My alarm went off at 4:00 this morning in order for me to be on time for 5:30 PT formation. And what a PT session it was! We did probably 200+ pushups, 150+ situps, flutter kicks, sidestraddle hops (jumping jacks), overhead arm claps, and all kinds of other exercises. Then we went for a 1 mile run. It wasn’t too bad, really, but I’m going to need to stretch really good before I go to bed. The rest of the day was spent in the classroom again. We ran our Pushup Meter up to 475 for mistakes in the NCO Creed and Soldiers Creed, but due to the kindness of our SGL, he erased them all to start with a clean slate for tomorrow. However, it is now 75 pushups per mistake. We didn’t do too bad with the creeds before we left for the day – only one line missing in everything.
At lunch I went to the Courtyard for a band Hail & Farewell. Most of them were pretty surprised to see me there, but I figured I had the time so I might as well go say goodbye to some of my friends!

We had a fun evening at home – grilled cheese and fries for dinner, and then playtime!! We played catch for a while, and had a big tickle fest, and all kinds of fun! After he went to bed, I took out my crocheting and worked on one of my current projects.

Off to stretch and get some sleep now. . .

Overnight low: 34
Today’s high: 59