No catchy subject today. . .

My brain is just blah right now – maybe from actually being able to pretty much relax for the past couple of days. Yesterday and today we got to sleep in again. Yesterday we ventured out around mid-morning, but only to the Post Office and the cleaners (had to bring some uniforms and pick up others). Then we stopped by where Ryan works for about 10 minutes – he just had to check with the boss on something. We ate pizza buffet at Pizza Hut on our way home. Robbie sure liked the veggie pizza (I did too). During Robbie’s nap we put up and decorated our Christmas tree and got a few other things up around the house, too. As the story goes, the stocking are hung by the chimney with care! After Robbie woke up, the fun of teaching him to look but not touch began. He’s not doing too bad considering. . . We went out to post to get some uniform stuff I’ll need for BNCOC and just to wander around the PX. There weren’t too many people in there anymore. Ryan got a haircut at the PX Barber Shop – didn’t have to wait in line at all. After we got home, we played for a while before bath and bedtime.
Today was picture day at Walmart. We got our family picture done and some of Robbie. He was a really good boy through all of it! Ryan had to go in to work after that was done, so we headed home and he changed and left and so did we. I had to go to the Post Office to mail something I forgot yesterday. Then we got to play the rest of the day minus Robbie’s 3 hour nap. During that time I read some newspapers, did some laundry, and stitched some. When he woke up, we went outside and played until Ryan got home from work – walked all over our little neighborhood, chatted with some of the neighbors, begged for food, etc. Lucy, a black lab, that resides with Mr. Bass, always gets treats from Miss Ruth. Well, Robbie saw Lucy get treats and he held his hand out for some, too. Being the nice Grandma she is, Ruth went in her house and got him a little Nutter Butter cookie. We thanked her, of course! Then we left Ruth’s driveway and started walking back toward our house and Jim was outside (he’s our neighbor Wanda’s fiance). So we stopped to talk to him for a while, and Wanda came out and offered Robbie a banana. He ate the whole thing standing there in the driveway. We thanked them, too. Ryan finally got home and we walked and got the mail and then made dinner. We had leftover turkey. While I was getting everything ready, Ryan and Robbie colored! Robbie had a great time eating the mashed potatoes with his spoon, but he was a mess afterwards. Into the bathtub he went after the dinner dishes were cleared away. Ryan gave him his bath tonight, and they sure had a fun time in there!

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