Fun day!

My guys let me sleep in this morning and that sure was nice! I always like sleeping past 7. Once I was up and had checked my e-mail and the guys got dressed, we went to Golden Corral for their breakfast buffet. Robbie had 5 little pancakes and some pears and some of Ryan’s eggs and a little bit of my donut. I also had an omelet (cheese, fake crab meat, jalapenos, tomatoes, and mushrooms!) and some sausage and some pears. Ryan had lots of food. Then we headed downtown to the Civic Center to go to Christmas Made in the South, a huge arts & crafts show they have every year. We bought a couple of things – one for Ryan and one a Christmas present. After we had looked at everything, we came home for Robbie’s naptime. He slept for an hour and a half before I woke him up so we could leave to go to the Baby Shower for Julie Lawyer. Her beautiful little girl Sarah Naomi was born on 4 Oct. Her husband is a fellow trombone player in the band. This baby shower was attended by other band families – baby showers in the band are for the whole family. The men went out and smoked the “It’s a Girl” cigars and drank beer (Ryan said it was gross) and us ladies talked about our babies/kids and watched Julie open her presents. There was also lots of wonderful food and we all ate our share. We were there for close to 3 hours, and Robbie decided it was time to go home. He was starting to get fussy because he was sleepy. Of course, once we got home, he played until his normal bedtime – wasn’t sleepy when we got home. We always have so much fun playing with him in our living room!
It’s late now, and past my bedtime, so I’ll say good night.
Last night’s low – 29
Today’s high – 58 with a sunny blue sky