PT Test again

As you may have noticed, I’ve been taking a PT test every month since I found out I was going to BNCOC. Well, I had my last monthly test before school this afternoon and I did very well on it! I did 50 pushups for 100%, 75 situps for 92% (3 more than last month), and ran my 2 miles in 17:13 for 87% (40 seconds faster than last month). My total score was 279 out of 300, up 8 points from last month!! Even 1SG said she was proud of me and my friend Gavin who took the test and will be going to BNCOC with me.

Other than the PT test this afternoon, we had a ceremony this morning and I played on that. Then I ran a few errands for reenlistment. After lunch I had a doctor’s appointment for my cough that is still here. Doctor couldn’t figure anything out from listening to my lungs and heart and looking at what he could look at, but he sent me to the lab to have blood drawn to test for all kinds of different things and I also have to go on Monday morning to get a chest x-ray done. That ought to be fun. . . He did give me an inhaler to try to see if that helps clear things up. We’ll see. . .
Oh, I got my orders today, so it’s REALLY official now that I’m going to Ft. Drum!! Now I can request a sponsor and start getting the ball rolling on a place to live and a daycare center.
I’m tired from a long & busy day, so I’m off to bed.

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