Cross Stitch Pals Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC

I’ll go day by day, so this could get long. Bear with me though, I think it’s worth it!

Thursday We got up when the “Robbie-alarm” went off about 7:30 and set about eating breakfast, getting stuff packed, loading the van, etc. We left about 10 and headed to post so I could pick up my prescriptions from Wednesday’s visit to the doctor (she says I have a cold. . .) and get a Pack and Play from Phil Barnes. He and his wife let us borrow theirs so we didn’t have to pay $7 a day to rent a crib at the hotel. Then we stopped at Clothing & Sales so I could get a few more things for my Local Flavor Exchange package. After a quick stop for gas, we were on our way at least for a bit. We stopped in North Augusta for lunch and then again shortly after Columbia to switch drivers as Ryan was getting sleepy. We stopped again just after Florence after we made our turn south. We finally arrived at the Sea Mist Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC, about 4:30 and got checked into our room. It wasn’t the best room, but it was a place to sleep. Then we went over to the Hospitality House to say hi to everyone and get my registration packet so I would know what time everything was. After visiting for a short bit, we headed to Food Lion to buy a few groceries for the room and get my dessert for the Dessert Social that evening. There was lots of yummy food – some homemade and some storebought, and PLENTY for everyone and it lasted all weekend. After I was done eating, I settled in for a few hours of talking and stitching and Ryan and Robbie went back to the room for Robbie’s bedtime. I went “home” about 11 or 11:30.

Friday It’s so nice to be able to sleep in! Once we were all up and presentable for the day, we went to Shoney’s for their breakfast buffet. Our server called all the others over to see what a good eater Robbie is! LOL He does really well with fingerfoods, and at this point, even scrambled eggs and fruit cocktail are fingerfoods. When we had eaten all we could, we headed to Broadway at the Beach to browse around and shop. We only bought 2 things, but it was fun looking at everything. After spending a couple of hours there, we went across the street to the NASCAR Cafe for lunch. Ryan really enjoyed looking at all the memorabilia on the walls and everywhere. The food wasn’t the greatest, but life goes on. Once we got back to the hotel, Robbie went down for a nap so Ryan stayed with him and I went and stitched in the Hospitality House. My guys joined us about 5:30 for dinner – pizza, subs, and wings. It was a good deal at only $6 per person. Robbie ate a whole slice of pizza (he ate for free!) plus a little of mine. Ryan had pizza and wings. After dinner was a party in the Convention Center. There were games (I won 2 word games!) and all kinds of fun. We had our grab bag exchange – everyone who wants to brings a “bag” of cross stitch stash and other goodies. The minimum is $15, but some people go WAY beyond that. The “bags” are all sorts of things. This year there was a 3 story witch (3 boxes piled decorated as a witch), a snowman cookie jar, a toy metal shopping cart (I got that!), empty food boxes filled with stuff all hooked together in a mesh bag, a really pretty fabric bag, a patriotic basket, and MANY others. There were probably 30 or so total. Everyone that brings one will go home with one. Each person has a number and when your number is drawn, you can take a “bag” from the table, or you can steal one from someone else. NONE of them get opened until everyone has one, so it’s lots of fun cuz you only go with what’s on the outside!! I got a lot of great stuff in mine and if you want a list, e-mail me. After the party was done, I went back to the HH and stitched & talked until about 12:30.

Saturday Another day of sleeping in! We went to Starbucks for breakfast as we had heard that they had free wireless connection. That way we were able to do a quick check of our e-mail and stuff so we didn’t have as many to wade through when we got home. Robbie was a very good boy and sat on a regular chair to eat his muffin – they didn’t have highchairs there. We spent the day at the hotel and in later morning we played in the hot tub and the kiddie pool right by where we were staying (keep in mind this is a resort with many buildings and pools). Robbie sure had a fun time playing with the “bubbles” in the hot tub and showing off for an older couple that was lounging by the kiddie pool. He took a nice long nap after all that, and I sat with him while Ryan went out with a friend of his (they know each other from a living history group they’re in together). They went to lunch and to a military surplus store. I stitched! (Gee, imagine that. . .) Once he got back, Robbie was just about done with his lunch, and we went across the street to the little waterpark that is part of the resort. We only had a little over an hour there before they closed, but we all had a good time. Ryan and I took turns going down a 3-story water slide on a tube, and then we floated around the lazy river 3 times. Robbie started his trip on Ryan lap/tummy and was kind of scared the first time, but he got used to it and was giggling and having a good time. Part way around the second time, I took Robbie on my tube and he spent the rest of the time with me. After getting showered up, we went to Sonic for dinner and then back to the hotel. I took Robbie to say goodbye to everyone and then he went to bed and I went to the second party. We did our Local Flavor Exchange – stuff from your local area (I did a bit of Augusta and a bit of the Army). Some things in the bags were local foods, cross stitch charts by local designers or of the area, key chains, mugs, magnets, t-shirts, postcards, etc. I got a bag from North Carolina with lots of yummy foods in it. There was also a Stitchers Showcase where people could bring their finished pieces and we all voted on the winners. All the stitching was beautiful and voting was not easy. I didn’t bring anything for that. After a group picture (we do one every year), I headed back to the HH to stitch and chat more. I stayed until around 1 before heading back to my room.

Sunday We got up and got everything packed and loaded in the van and then checked out and went to breakfast at the little restaurant right there. The food was pretty good. After eating, we walked across the street to the beach for a little bit. We can’t go to Myrtle Beach and not see the ocean, so we all got our toes wet and watched the waves for a few minutes. On our way home, we stopped at a souvenir shop to get a t-shirt for Robbie and a magnet for our refrigerator, gas, and then we ate at Taco Bell once we were back in Augusta. Within a half hour of being home, we had unpacked the van, unpacked the suitcase, and I had a load of laundry in the washer! It sure is nice to be home again, and I’m sure I will enjoy sleeping in my own bed tonight!

PT Test!!

Yesterday morning was part 1 of our semi-annual record PT test. The graders were tested yesterday. I did 51 pushups (100%), 72 situps (89%), and ran my 2 miles in 17:53 (82%). My total score was 271!! In order to get onto the PT Incentive Program, you need to score a 270 or higher and I did. If you’re on the PT Incentive, you don’t have to go to PT formation at 6:30, but you still have to do PT on your own to maintain/improve. I’m pretty happy about how well I did!!

The rest of the morning was spent running errands and working. Right after formation I went to the PX to have a plant (Peace Lily) sent to Kristin Chandler’s home in NY. She’s home on emergency leave because her grandmother passed away and the unit traditionally sends flowers of some sort to the family. The plant was delivered around lunchtime and she loved it (she called Phil to thank him). I also bought a card for the members of the unit to sign, and then took it home at lunch to mail it. Only about 1/2 the unit signed it, but that’s ok. Once I was done at the PX, I spent the rest of the morning in the training office finalizing the PT cards from the test earlier. After lunch I turned in some equipment that we had borrowed for some classes and then did a couple of correspondence courses. I tried to practice, but I was coughing so much and I couldn’t breathe, that it wasn’t going to work. I was finally able to get through the appointment hotline about 2:30 or 3 and make an appointment for 10:30 this morning.
After I picked Robbie up from day care and came home, we went to Wendy’s for dinner and then to Walmart to buy Robbie some new (bigger) shoes. Came home and stitched and watched TV.


I had the day off again – thanks Mr. Columbus! I brought Robbie to daycare this morning and then came home and started working on Christmas presents again. I got one thing completely finished! I also chatted with Dad for a while, and that’s always nice. And I chatted with a few other friends as well. When I went to pick Robbie up, I played with him and Kimberly for a while – they both crawled all over me. Kimberly is a week older than Robbie and is the cutest little girl. When Ryan got home we went to a couple of thrift stores to see if we could find a cheap travel crib to take to Myrtle Beach this weekend so we don’t have to pay $7 a day to rent one from the resort we’re staying at, but no luck.
We came home and I fed Robbie dinner. Well, I set it in front of him and he fed himself (finger foods). I decided to take his shoes off and as soon as I took his right shoe off, he started crying like something hurt. I took the other shoe and his socks off, and Ryan took him out of his highchair and discoverd a blister just behind his big toe on his right foot. Poor little guy seems to have outgrown his shoes already. I gave him some Infant Tylenol and cuddled with him for a while. Now he’s walking around and playing like nothing’s wrong.

And now for the Woohoo!! I just checked my grades online from my class I took last term, and I got an A in Leadership and Motivation!! That’s not bad considering I didn’t even complete 1 of the online assignments. It was only worth 5% of my grade, but I was still a little worried. I guess I got 82.5% or better on my final (that’s what Rick figured I needed in order to get an A). So I still have a 4.0 gpa for my Masters Degree!

Had to Work

We didn’t get to go to church today as I had a ceremony to play at and formation was at 11:30. Of course, we could have gone to the 8:30 service, but 1) we didn’t wake up in time and 2) they don’t seem to be as baby friendly as the 11:00 people are. Of course, Ryan and Robbie could have gone by themselves, but they didn’t.
I got home a little after 1 and we left to go eat (Olive Garden) and then do a tiny bit of grocery shopping for the week. Robbie started getting really fussy at the grocery store and it turned out he was sleepy. Ryan put him in his crib when we got home and he went right to sleep. Of course, this is about 4:45, so I was wondering how long he would nap and if he would sleep tonight. He woke up about 6 and we played for an hour and just a little before 7 he started rubbing his eyes and we did our singing/snuggling/relaxing time (it was my turn tonight – Ryan and I take turns) and he was asleep in about 5 minutes. I only sang one song to him before prayers and I put him in his crib, he rolled over, and he was out. Let’s hope he always goes to bed this easy.
I’m still feeling under the weather, and besides my coughing and stuffed up/runny nose, my throat is sore now. It’s probably from all the HARD coughing I’ve been doing, but who knows. Since I’ve had this for a week now and it’s not gotten any better, I’ll be going to the doctor on Tuesday to see if they can give me something.

A Nice Relaxing Day!!!

We all slept in this morning – Robbie until about 9, but he played in his crib instead of crying. Ryan got up about 9:30 and I got up at 9:45. Of course, it kind of did away with our plans of going yard-saling, but that’s ok. We still did go to the yard sale that my EGA Chapter put on and we got a few things there – a cross stitch chart and a hardcover book for me (it’s for a set that I have some in paperback and some in hardcover and I want to get them all in hardcover) and a couple more “hat racks” and a little Dr. Seussisms book for Ryan – $3.00 for everything (and my book is worth probably $15 or so alone). Then we went to the Flea Market and Ryan got me a Jeff Gordon bear for my bear collection (small ones – like Boyd’s Bears) and I also found 2 hardcover cross stitch books for $3.00 each. One of the books has a price of $22.95 on the inside cover, so I definitely got a deal there! We stopped at Ryan’s for their all-you-can-eat buffet for a late lunch, and as always everyone ate well. Ryan wanted to go to a bookstore after that, but he stopped at home to drop me and Robbie off – Robbie fell asleep in the van shortly after we left Ryan’s, so we took him home to nap in his crib. While he was napping I cleaned off the top of my piano and rearranged my bears. It looks a lot nicer now, and I am going to try and keep it that way.
After Robbie woke up, we played for a while and then decided to go check out the new Target and Babies R’ Us that opened up in Evans (about 15 minutes away). I love how new stores are so bright and neat. We got Robbie’s Halloween costume at Target, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out what he’s going to be. We planned on getting diapers at Babies R’ Us, but they were out of the kind we get. They’re also $1.11 cheaper at Sam’s Club, so we’ll go there instead.

Productive Day

Robbie and I got to sleep in a little this morning. I had the day off, but he still went to daycare. I brought him about 7:30 – just in time for breakfast. I came home and got breakfast for myself and checked my computer stuff. Then I headed out to post to meet up with Phil Barnes so we could get all the stuff for the PT test ready for Tuesday and Wednesday. We just ran out of time yesterday so we had decided to come in this morning and take care of it. It took about an hour, but now everything is all set to go. I had planned on running before doing that, but it was POURING and there was no way I was running in rain coming down that hard. Besides, I couldn’t breathe cuz I was so stuffed up and it sounded like I was trying to cough up a lung or 2. I decided against practicing as well. So after I was done in the training office, I came home and ate lunch and chatted with a friend for a while. Then I got busy – started working on Christmas presents! I’m about 1/2 done with my first one. . . About 3:30 or so I went and picked Robbie up from day care and we came home and played until Ryan got home a little before 5. Then we went to the Evan’s Diner for dinner – one of our favorite places to go and very inexpensive! Once we got home, we played for a while and then it was bedtime for Robbie. And then, as usual, I stitched while we watched TV.

Well, that week’s over!

Today was my Friday. This week sure went by quick – LOL! It was raining at PT this morning (Tropical Depression Tammy) so we just did pushups and situps. We could go run if we wanted to, but I don’t think anyone did. I got home early and was able to take more than a 5 second shower which was nice. I still got to my computer earlier than normal, and our cable was out. AACK!!! How am I supposed to start my day without chatting with my friends and checking my e-mail? Luckily, it came back on shortly after I discovered it was out (had been out since 6:30) so I was able to check in with my friends afterall. Whew.
We had Jazz Band this morning, but I was “reassigned” to a practice room. We don’t really need 6 trombones in J.B. I made a few phone calls for Training that I didn’t get to yesterday and then I shut myself in a practice room. Didn’t get much accomplished though as my nose was running so much. I’d play a couple of scales and then go through a couple of kleenexes. Not fun, but at least I finally made it through all of them. After lunch we had a class on the effects of tobacco and marijuana – part of our quarterly Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) training. We watched a couple of videos – they were geared more toward kids, but they still got the point across. Then at 2:30 I had a soldier reenlist – in for another 3 years! After that, I took care of some more training issues, helped with details, and came home. I called Papa Johns and ordered dinner while I was driving home – they told me 45 minutes, so I thought perfect. Stopped at day care and picked Robbie up and then came home. The pizza guy was in my driveway waiting for me (he had just gotten here) – it had only been like 25 minutes. Ryan wasn’t home yet, but he got home shortly after and we had a nice dinner of pizza. Robbie ate 1 slice all by himself. The reason for pizza? We hadn’t planned anything for dinner as Ryan was going to go to Columbia to work on vehicles, but since it was raining he didn’t go. We had a nice evening as a family – pizza, playing with Robbie, a splashing bathtime, and then bedtime. After Robbie was sleeping, we watched CSI: Miami and Survivor and a Jeopardy. I got a good bit of stitching done.


That was today. It was Monday because it was the first work-day of the week. It’s Wednesday, because, well, it’s Wednesday. And it’s Thursday because it’s the second to last day of the work week. Yup – we’ve got a 2-day work week this week!! Friday is a Training Holiday for the Columbus Day weekend.
For PT this morning, we stretched, did 45 seconds of pushups, 45 seconds of situps, and then went and ran 3 miles. I had my fastest 3 miles this morning – 27:10! Pretty good considering I’m stuffed up and trying to hack up a lung or 3. LOL After morning formation we had concert band rehearsal – worked on stuff for both our concert the beginning of November and our Christmas concert. All 6 of the trombones were there today – talk about sound. Of course, there were some complaints from some of the other sections saying that we shouldn’t have all 6 of us in there. Oh well. . .
After lunch I took care of some paperwork for a soldier that is reenlisting tomorrow afternoon and then I just sat and chatted with the new Garrison Career Counselor (my higher up for reenlistment) for a while. He’s a very nice guy, and I’m going to enjoy working with him for my few remaining months as Reup NCO. I didn’t get much else done, but that’s ok. There’s always tomorrow.
We had our monthly Catch the Spirit Dinner at church this evening. This month’s theme was Oktoberfest and there were bratwurst, hotdogs, sauerkraut, potato salad (German and American) and lots of good desserts. It was all very good. Robbie had a hot dog and I had a brat with sauerkraut and some German potato salad. Ryan had a little of everything (but no sauerkraut). After we were done eating, Robbie walked around the inside of the church and then we came home. Robbie played for a little bit and then we got him ready for bed. He sure goes to bed good!
I got some crocheting done after he was asleep and we watched a couple of Tivo’ed shows.


It was another Comp Day for the band today, but I had CQ so I had to be there from 7-3. The day went by fairly quickly and I got about 4 1/2 hours of stitching done. Ryan and Robbie brought me lunch from Burger King, and that was nice spending a bit of time with them during the day. Robbie is feeling much better and his eyes aren’t nearly as goopy. Ryan stayed home from work with him today. After I got home and took a shower, we went to do a bit of shopping, get dinner, and then do our weekly grocery shopping. I guess that’s about it for the day – nothing really exciting happened.

Oil change, lunch, doctor, & EGA

That was my day – in a very small nutshell. Ryan brought Robbie to day care this morning as I had an early appointment for an oil change in my van (comp day, so no worK). It took a little over an hour at the car dealership and then I came home for a little bit and read a couple of newspapers. Then it was back out as I had promised my friend Gavin (he had CQ today) that I’d bring him lunch. I stopped at Blimpie’s and got subs for us. I had an enjoyable hour-long visit with him, and he enjoyed the lunch I brought and the company. Then it was home for a bit again and I read a couple more newspapers. I had managed to get Robbie a doctor’s appointment this afternoon to have his eyes and nose looked at (runny nose, eye goop, etc.). I got him from daycare and back to post we went. He’s got viral conjunctivitis, a form of pink eye. He’s got some eye ointment and also something to help with his stuffiness. He’ll be staying home from day care tomorrow, and Ryan ended up having to take the day off from work as I have CQ and NO ONE was willing to give up their comp day so I could stay home with my sick son.
After Robbie and I got home from the doctor, we played outside until Ryan got home. Robbie sure likes playing in the dirt! We had our daily family walk down to the mailbox to get the mail after Ryan got home and then it was inside to play some more. Ryan had bowling tonight, so it was dinner on your own. Robbie came with me to my EGA meeting, and all the ladies sure were glad to see him! They couldn’t believe how much he’s grown since they last saw him (probably the November meeting LAST year). He was a very good boy during the meeting despite it being after his bedtime. But he sure was ready to go to bed once we got home. Got his diaper changed and he went right to sleep. I’m just finishing up e-mail and my message boards, and I’m off to bed, too. Good night!