Happy Halloween!!

I was gone this weekend. We went to the annual Celebrate Freedom Festival in Camden, SC. Celebrate Freedom is where Ryan and I met in 2001 and it’s always nice to go back. Not to mention that it’s his biggest living history event of the year!! He went on Thursday and then Robbie and I went on Friday after work. The Celebrate Freedom Foundation paid for a hotel room for me and Robbie and that was nice. Ryan could have stayed there, too, but he slept out in the field. BRRR – it got down into the low 30’s each night and there was frost. But he survived!! The air show on Saturday was pretty good – not as good as last year, but it was still good. Robbie and I were out there pretty much all day. We stopped at McDonald’s for dinner on our way back to the hotel and Robbie ate almost a whole hamburger and then he went and played in the play area for a while. Sunday morning was a service at the field and Robbie and I went to that. We stayed for a little while, but headed home several hours before Ryan did. It was nice to be all home together again!

Today was a comp day for me, and I’m glad. Robbie’s daycare class had a Halloween party and I was able to go since I didn’t have to work! Robbie dressed up as a lion (click the picture for a bigger view):
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com All the kids looked so cute, and they went trick-or-treating to the other classrooms. For lunch they had little sandwiches, cheetos, chex mix, fruit, cupcakes, and cookies. I think Robbie ate more than any of the other kids. At least he ate his sandwich and wanted more. Some of the kids just ate the cupcake (mini ones) and the cookie.
Then after Ryan got home from work and had gotten changed, we put Robbie’s costume back on him and took him to a few of our neighbors’ houses. They all thought he was so cute (well, we do too, but that’s a given!) and he got some candy from them. After he was out of his costume, I let him have a sucker. He seemed to like it – even after he had set it on the floor and it picked up a little cat hair (boy am I glad I vacuumed yesterday). After about 5 minutes or so it was getting too fuzzy so I took it from him. Then he needed a bath – he had sucker sticky in his hair and all over. He had a fun 1/2 hour in the bathtub!! Ryan had bowling so he missed all that.
Well, I’m going to finish up my ice cream and get to bed. I’m tired.