He’s gone :-(

Well, my run this morning didn’t happen. My alarm went off at 5:30 and I just rolled over and snuggled up with Ryan and went back to sleep. We finally woke up at 7. I guess we needed the extra sleep. I got myself ready and ate breakfast and checked my e-mail and stuff and then got Robbie up and ready for daycare. Ryan headed to Camden, SC, today for the annual Celebrate Freedom Festival. After dropping Robbie off at daycare, I headed out to work. We had concert band sectionals for an hour this morning and then full concert band. After lunch we had a class on Jazz Improvisation (woohoo. fun.) and then my squad leader gave me my quarterly NCO counseling that was supposed to be done last month. We just talked about what I’ve done and some goals for the next few months. No practice time today as the counseling took over an hour – we talked about other stuff, too. On my way to get Robbie, I stopped for gas and to pick up my uniforms from the cleaners. After getting Robbie (who didn’t want to leave daycare), we drove and found where my job is tomorrow – I’m driving so I can bring Robbie to daycare a little later than 0630. I decided that I didn’t want to cook dinner, so we went out on a date to O’Charley’s. Our whole bill was less than $10!! I had water to drink, but paid for Robbie’s milk. And then kids eat for free, so his mac & cheese was free and I just had to pay for my soup & salad. It was really good and he had a good time feeding himself his mac & cheese. It’s not exactly finger food, but I guess at Robbie’s age anything can be finger food! Once we got home, we played with (I think) all his toys for about 1/2 hour and then I got him ready for bed. He about climbed out of my arms into his crib again after we said our prayers. I hope this keeps up. Once he was asleep, I sat down and worked on my Thursday stitching project and watched a couple of my Tivo shows. I’m sure not looking forward to not having anyone to snuggle with in bed tonight – and the extra body heat. But I know he’s going to have a great time this weekend!