That’s what I said when I walked outside this morning at 5:30. It was 39 degrees out. I think fall has found it’s way to Georgia! The reason I was leaving so early? I had to help grade a PT test for 3 soldiers (one of which was my running partner and friend Kristin). Everyone did very well on the test, but boy was I cold by the time they finished the 2 mile run. I don’t think the cold would have been so bad if it hadn’t been windy. My cup of hot chocolate sure tasted good when I got home!
After breakfast and my hot chocolate, I spent the morning in the training office – first working on getting some training schedules into the calendar and then I did a good part of an Army correspondence course. I finished that up after lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the practice room working on my scales and solo. Kristin and I did sets of pushups and situps during my practice breaks. We’re going to work together on improving both our scores, and getting her a 270 so she can be on the incentive program as well.
After work I picked Robbie up from daycare and then came home and changed and we all left to go back to post. Ryan’s got a living history event coming up this weekend and he needed to buy a few things and we got Robbie a new pair of pj’s – he’s been sleeping in just his diaper all summer and now that it’s cooler out again, he’s back in jammies. We ate dinner at the food court and then came home for bedtime. Robbie fell asleep in the car on the way home, and was a willing “participant” in the clothes off-diaper change-jammies on routine. After he was asleep, we sat down to watch CSI: Miami from last night and boy was it good! I got some stitching done, too.

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