A meeting and a ceremony

We had our quarterly meeting with the Garrison Command Sergeant Major this morning. However, there was a ceremony, so I represented all the NCOs in the band. I wasn’t on the ceremony so I went and took notes. It was very interesting – he talked about some upcoming changes to the Army, and on post. I’ll be briefing the band next week. After that was done, I came home and got some breakfast – I didn’t eat before because last time we had one of these, there were donuts and fruit and everything. Then I spent the rest of the morning practicing. After lunch (early), we had another ceremony and I was on that one. It was good other than the guest speaker – can you say BORING?? I had a hard time staying awake. When we got back to the band hall from that, I went over to take care of some reenlistment business and then to JAG to get a form notarized. By the time I got done with all that, it was time to do details and go home! I picked Robbie up from day care, made a quick stop at the Post Office, and then home for dinner. After we had eaten, we went to Aiken to the Hobby Lobby to get some yarn for a few upcoming projects. It was on sale this week. Ryan had gone to Columbia after work to work on the Celebrate Freedom vehicles.

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