Wow, the term is winding down. We’ve only got 3 weeks left of class and next week is a web-based assignment and we don’t have class. We had very good discussion again during the lecture portion of class – lots of insight from the members of the class as we are all in different occupations and types of corporations/organizations. At the end of class we got our mid-term exams back. I was one of 3 students to receive a 100%!!! After class was over, my group stood around and talked about our paper and other stuff for a while. We finally broke it up though, as one of the ladies in the group has an hour and a half drive home. Ugh! What people do to get a degree.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. PT this morning and then concert band and then weekly lawn care in the afternoon. I ran the push mower and got the areas that the riding mower can’t get to. I took care of a bit of reenlistment stuff after I was done mowing and then I came home to get ready for class.

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