Fun Saturday!

Ryan had a living history event in Columbia, SC, today, and Robbie and I decided to go along. The event went from 10-2, but Ryan had to be there at 8 to help move vehicles from their storage place to the mall where the event was held (it was an car show/military vehicle display). We got going a little late and got held up by the same train 4 times and finally got there at 8:30. Not a problem as they weren’t rolling out with the vehicles until around 9 or so. Robbie and I dropped off Ryan and his equipment, and headed off to Golden Corrall where we met up with Chaplain Ric Brown and his wife De’dee. He was my Chaplain during Basic Training and we have kept in touch over the past 6 years. He’s at Ft. Jackson for the Chaplain’s Career Captain Course. We had a very nice breakfast and great conversation. When we were done eating, we headed out to Lexington to go to my old cross stitch store. The ladies in there remembered me and it’s been over 3 years since I’ve been there. That was a nice feeling. De’dee got a new chart and some scissors and I got some stuff as gifts for other people. We probably spent 45 minutes just browsing around and looking at everything.
Then we headed to the mall where Ryan’s event was and Chaplain and De’dee got to talk to Ryan for a while and Chaplain checked out the cars and vehicles and everything. Eventually they needed to head out, but it was great seeing them again! Robbie and I spent the rest of the afternoon (until 2) hanging out by Ryan’s display. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we convoyed the vehicles back to the storage area (yes, I was part of the convoy in our van). Then we all went out to dinner and it was paid for by Jack, the head of the group. Ryan had ribs, I had steak & shrimp, and Robbie had spaghetti. Dinner was a lot of fun with the guys in the Ryan’s group – they seem to really enjoy having me along with them, and of course, Robbie is always fun to watch!
Once we got home, Robbie played for a bit and then went to bed and Ryan and I watched the NASCAR race. I got lots of stitching done today, both on the drive to and from Columbia and then during the race.

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