Yup, it was Sunday. We didn’t get to church this morning as Robbie decided he was VERY sleepy about 10:15. He napped from then until a little after 1. After he had had some lunch, we went to Taco Bell for our food and then grocery shopping. Then we started watching the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed. Partway through the race I remember that we hadn’t gone to the auto parts store to get the stuff Ryan needed to finish fixing his scooter. So we got back in the car and headed out again. Got the parts and came home and finished the race. Robbie went to bed about 6:30 or so because he was so sleepy – I guess he’s been playing hard. Ryan worked on his scooter transmission and I stitched. Now I’m checking my e-mail and message boards and I’ll be heading off to bed.

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