Call me pampered!!

I had an hour-long massage and a facial done today at the Serenity Day Spa. I had a $100 gift certificate from a contest I won last November, and I finally used it today. Boy was that a wonderful hour and a half!!! I wish massages weren’t so expensive (or that I had more money) because I’d go way more often.

The week at work was. Yup, that’s about it. PT, a couple of classes on various Army things, and lots of office and practice time. I spent probably 6 hours in the practice room between Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I did do some stuff with Reenlistment and some in Training, but mostly I practiced. My scales are really starting to get much better and I’ve started working on my solo – slowing things way down so I can get the notes and rhythms and then gradually working it back up to performance tempo.

The weather has been HOT and HUMID here. All week it was in the mid-90’s with the heat index between 100 and 105. Well today it was even hotter. High today was 102 and the heat index at one point when I checked it on WeatherBug was 112. Thank goodness for air conditioning!