A Key Update

Well, I got talked to at work, but I didn’t get in trouble. I didn’t figure I would because I reported it right away. I went and got my police report Monday afternoon, but I didn’t really need it. I also get new keys issued to me so I could get in my offices and lockers and stuff. Monday evening was my monthly EGA meeting, and that was enjoyable as always.

Tuesday and today were pretty much the same – PT, Concert Band, and then Admin or practice time in the afternoon. I got a lot of stuff done for both training and reenlistment and with the unit fund. Monday and today I went running after work with Kristin. Monday’s was just after it had rained really hard and part of the track was completely flooded so we ran through the water. Today it was nice and dry, but still HOT.

Last night as I was starting to make supper, our neighbor Ruth came walking up the driveway. She’s a sweet lady, but she’s also a busybody and talks and talks and talks. I thought, great, what does she want. But it turned out that she had found my keys!!! I guess whoever took them (beginning of the school year here – could have been kids daring one another to do stuff) realized they weren’t house or car keys and they ditched them. Ruth found them in her grass (she has really pretty fluffy grass and flowers in her yard). She had been working in her yard and found them in the grass and brought them to me. You could tell that they had been outside for a few days in the rain and all – kind of rusted, but not too bad. So I called First Sergeant (she was still at work) and let her know right away. She was happy about it. I got those keys turned in to our Key Control NCO today at work. I guess I don’t have to worry about having to pay anything now!

I’m all stuffed up again from these wonderful Georgia allergens in the air. Pollen count is way up again, and I’m paying. I’ve taken some Benydryl and will be going to bed soon – hopefully it decides to kick in pretty soon.

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