Today was a nice relaxing day. Robbie let me sleep in until almost 8 and we let Ryan sleep in until after 10. He had a sleepless night last night and didn’t come to bed until after 4. We played the morning away, and after Robbie went down for his nap at noon, I went and got a manicure and pedicure done. I’ve got little dragonflies on each of my big toes! If my camera will cooperate with me, I’ll take a picture to share with you. Once I got home, I read most of the newspapers from our vacation – just have yesterday’s and today’s left. When Robbie got up from his nap, we went to check the mail and the mailman was just arriving. We asked him for our mail (today was the day for them to deliver everything) and he apologized several times and said he completely forgot. He’s fairly new – only been on the job for 2 weeks. He did call the post office and explained to the lady there what had happened and she said we could go pick it up (the P.O. closes at 1 on Saturdays). So we drove to the post office and got our container (one of those white cardboard box type things full) of mail. Came home again and went through it all. I think I must have had a dozen credit card offers in the not quite 2 weeks we were gone. The thing I wanted was the bills. Got those paid and then we went to O’Charley’s for dinner. Robbie had the kids spaghetti (kids under 10 eat free!!) and ate the whole thing! Ryan had ribs and he said they were ok, but the size was small. He ordered a whole rack and it was about the size of a 1/2 rack you get at some places. I had a steak and it was pretty good. Once we got home, we got Robbie into bed and then Ryan and I watched Rainman and I stitched during the movie.

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