Summer Vaction – The trip north

We went home to Michigan for my summer block leave period, thus the reason I haven’t written in 2 weeks. I’ll make several posts so they don’t get too long.

We left Monday afternoon after I got home (had to work in the morning) and headed north. The roads and weather were really good and Robbie travelled well. We stopped about 1/3 of the way into Kentucky at a little mom & pop hotel. It wasn’t bad – a bed and a shower was all we needed.

Tuesday morning we got up and ready and left out about 7:30 or 8 and drove the rest of the way home to Mom & Dad’s. It was a LONG day, and Robbie got tired of being in his car seat. We stopped every few hours to get out and stretch and it sure was good to finally arrive at home. By this time, Robbie was REALLY fussy and didn’t want anyone besides Mommy. Dad had sauna ready for us, and that sure felt good after having been on the road for 2 days.

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