Summer Vacation: Wednesday-Friday

Wednesday we just relaxed around the house and took care of Robbie. He had a slight fever, but I cuddled him and held him a lot and that helped him a little. Ryan started working on Dad’s dock – taking down old pieces in preparation for the redoing of it. After Mom got home from work and we had eaten dinner, Mom and I left for Aunt Pris’ house to rehearse our music for church on Sunday. Mom, Aunt Pris, Aunt Pattie, my cousins Amanda, Renee, and Holly, and I have a couple of pieces we put together for the service. The rehearsal went well, and it was nice visiting with everyone as well.

Thursday was more relaxing. Robbie was finally starting to feel better and starting to explore a little bit. Ryan worked on the dock a little more (I think) and then in the evening went golfing with Paul and Uncle Gary and Renee’s boyfriend. I brought him to Aunt Pris’ and then went to Marquette with Robbie. We picked Mom up from work and took her to her nail appointment. After that we went to eat dinner – Robbie ate a whole HUGE pancake and I had French Toast. It was really good. Then we went to Michael’s for some yarn for projects for Mom and then to the grocery store for baby food for Robbie. He sure eats a lot now. It was a fun evening – I always enjoy my Mom & Me times! When we got home, Ryan was just calling for me to go pick him up, so I got Robbie to bed and then left to get Ryan. Just as I was leaving, Rick pulled in the driveway – he had worked part of a day before coming up for the weekend. Once Ryan and I got home, we had sauna again and just sat around and talked and watched TV and I got a lot of stitching done (I did every day).

Friday we went to Grandma Eleanore & Grandpa Bob’s. Robbie and I went for a run through the woods (he was in his stroller) and Ryan & Dad & Rick went in the van. We looked through some stuff in Aunt Carol & Uncle Wayne’s basement and attic and I got some sweaters, some craft stuff, and my Great-Grandmother Josie’s china! It’s a really pretty floral pattern. I’ll take a picture of it later when I get it unpacked. We visited for quite a while, and Robbie had his lunch there. Everyone was amazed at how much he eats and how well he sits up and everything. Keep in mind they haven’t seen him since the end of December so he’s grown quite a bit since then. Once we had everything loaded in the van that needed to go home and were done visiting, we left – Ryan and Rick went in the van, and Dad walked back with me and Robbie. About 4:30 Amanda H. (Carl’s fiancee) came over as she and Carl were going to babysit Robbie for the evening. Carl wasn’t off work yet and he came over later. All of us adults went to Marquette and met Mom at Pizza Hut for dinner. Then we went to Menards to buy the new parts for the dock, and then went to see The Fantasticks at Northern Michigan University. It was in their black box theater and was pretty good. It was a musical. After the play was over, we stopped for ice cream at McDonald’s (the other place we wanted to go to had just closed), and then went home. Amanda and Carl survived watching Robbie and he was asleep when we got home so I guess they did ok!

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