Summer Vacation: Monday & Tuesday

Monday morning Rick left for home and Ryan and Robbie and I went to Marquette just to get out of the house for a while. We went to the mall and wandered around and got our rings cleaned at the jewelry store. Then we ate lunch at Taco Bell and then went to Michael’s to look around. The Michael’s in Marquette is new and is sure laid out better than ours here in Augusta. It seems much brighter, too. Then we went to Knit ‘N Purl, a mostly yarn shop, but they also sell cross stitch stuff. I needed one color of floss from there. Before we headed home, we stopped by Household Appliance to visit mom for a bit and of course to show off Robbie. On the way home we stopped at a pawn shop so Ryan could look around. Sometimes he finds really good deals on military stuff (he has a collection of Vietnam stuff), but today he found a pair of tin snips that he needs for work for a really good price. We were on our own for dinner as Mom had Choral Society rehearsal after work, so Ryan and I took Dad to Subway. That was a good meal, and good company, too.

Tuesday we were going to take Robbie for his first boat ride, but it was cool and windy so we couldn’t go out. Oh well! We went to the Post Office to mail a few things and then to Grandma & Grandpa’s for a final visit. Robbie ended up getting hungry while we were there, but Aunt Carol had some applesauce that he ate and Grandma Eleanore had some crackers. Thanks for feeding my little guy! Once we got home, Robbie went down for a nap and Ryan and I started getting things packed. Ryan cleaned the van out and then Robbie and I (he took a short nap today) helped load it up. I think Robbie was the supervisor! When Mom got home from work we had grilled hot dogs and brats (I had a brat this time!) for supper. We had sauna one last time and tried to go to bed earlier than 12:30 a.m. so we could get a good night’s sleep for our drive home.

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