Goodbye MG Hicks. . . . and MAT

Friday morning was the Post Change of Command Ceremony where MG Janet Hicks relinquished command to our new commander, BG Strong. The ceremony went well and the speeches were pretty short. Even the weather cooperated! After that was done, we had our safety briefing for leave and got our leave forms and our “signing out and in from leave” briefing. Then building cleaning continued, but I had some errands to run, so I got those taken care of. We had formation at 1300 and learned of just a few minor things that needed to be done and once all those were done, we were released for the day. Of course, I was still there until 1530 – I had a dentist appointment for my annual cleaning at 1330 and then had to take care of some more errands. I got back about 1500 and got my reenlistment office cleaned up and all my stuff secured in my locker. My office won’t be in use during leave, but I still wanted to clean it and put stuff away just in case. I picked Robbie up from day care on my way home and came home to finish cleaning the house up a little. SPC Briana MacDougall came over for spaghetti for supper – she will be taking care of the cats while we’re in Michigan and I invited her over for supper as well as learning where everything is.

This morning I took the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). It is one of the requirements of Troy University graduate students. It was either that or the GRE and I really didn’t feel like studying for the GRE. I’ve always been pretty good at analogies, and this test wasn’t too bad. There were a few where I didn’t have the slightest clue and I had to guess, but there are no penalties for wrong answers and I had a one in four chance of getting it right. While I was taking the test, Ryan and Robbie took the van to the car wash and also vacuumed it out. It looks really nice now. After they picked me up we went to Walmart to get a few things and then to the Post Office and then to Schlotsky’s for lunch. Once we got home, it was Robbie’s naptime and I got some stitching and other stuff done. When Robbie woke up 3 hours later, it was almost time to leave for dinner. Our dining out group from church met at T-Bonz (a steak place) for dinner. We had good food and good conversation and of course, had fun watching Robbie eat and play. Robbie had a bath when we got home and then went to bed and Ryan and I watched National Treasure and I stitched. National Treasure is a really good movie!

Off to bed now. . .

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