PT Test and Weigh-in

Today was our quarterly PT test and weigh-in. The test was just a diagnostic, but the weigh-in was an official one. I didn’t have to take the test as I took one last week. I ran the stopwatch for it instead. The test went well for most, but there were a few people that failed one event or another. Since it’s a diagnostic, it’s not really a big deal, but it still doesn’t look very good when you fail a PT test. The weigh-in afterwards was awesome for me!! I weighed in at 144, and my maximum allowed weight is 144, so for the first time in my career (6 years), I didn’t have to be taped for body fat percentage!!!!!! That was one of my goals after I had Robbie – to get below my table weight!! I’m still going to work on losing a few more pounds so I’m not so close, but at least I was under today.

The rest of the day was pretty slow. We had drill band (marching band) for a while after we came back in this morning, a luncheon at lunch to say thank you to some high school band students that participated in the “Join the Army Band for the Summer” program that we run – they sit in on some of concerts. It was good food and a nice way to thank them for playing with us. In the afternoon Robbie got to see the pediatric allergist and it’s been determined that he probably doesn’t have allergies yet – babies don’t really start developing them until they’re a year or so old. Robbie was really good, even when the doctor stuck a q-tip like thing up his nose (Robbie’s nose) to get some snot to send to the lab to be looked at under the microscope. After that was done, we had to go back to work for an everybody-must-be-there formation. There’s been some security issues with our building, so no one has a key to the building anymore (we all had them) except for the E-7’s. Oh well – one less key on my key ring! Then I helped with Special PT again. We walked the 3 mile loop. Robbie came with us in his jogging stroller. He had a great time and was a good cheerleader! Once we finished the 3 miles, we found some shade under a tree and did some crunches. I took Robbie out of his stroller and hugged him to my chest as I did mine. Partway through I asked if anyone else would like a 23-pound weight. They just laughed at me!

I had my monthly EGA meeting tonight and that was fun as always. I love the “show-off” table where we get to display our finishes. Everyone does such beautiful work – and such a variety of needlecrafts!

I’m off to bed now before I fall asleep on my keyboard. . .

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