Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal

Yup – that’s what I did today! We had drill band (marching band) first thing this morning. That went well. After about a 20 minute break, we went into sectionals for concert band. Us trombones worked on some intonation stuff and then on bits of 1812 Overture. During lunch I came home and got the table set for dinner (which was already cooking in the crockpot) and cleaned the house up a little bit. Then after lunch we had concert band all afternoon. We have another concert tomorrow night so we just touched on the more difficult pieces to freshen up on them. After doing cleaning details, I left work, stopped and picked up Robbie, and then came home and played. Once Ryan got home I finished dinner and got Robbie fed and then we ate. Robbie got a bath tonight and that’s always fun. He sure loves to play and splash around in the water! After he went to bed, I sat down and crocheted for a bit and watched some TV.

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