Friends & Ft. Stewart

Yesterday morning Robbie and I took the van to the car dealership for it’s 18,000 mile check up. They changed the oil and rotated the tires and checked a bunch of other things. Then after coming home for about an hour or so (Robbie took a nap), I brought him to day care and headed out to post for formation. We went to Ft. Stewart (near Savannah, about 2 1/2 hours south). I got some stitching done on the bus, and then after we got checked in (I had my own room because there were an odd number of females and I’m the senior female) and relaxed for a while, we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner. There were 8 of us at our table, including the bus driver so we didn’t have to worry about if we took a little longer than the allotted time. It was good food and good conversation. When we got back to our hotel (Army lodging on post), the whole band (well, most of the band) met in front with glasses, and our First Sergeant poured champagne. We toasted one of the guys in the unit to celebrate him and his wife getting pregnant. So the cycle continues (we joke about not drinking the water at the band hall because we’ve had so many pregnancies/babies). . . After that was done, some people went back to their rooms and some of us went to the courtyard area (there were some picnic tables and stuff there) to hang out for the evening. I had brought 5 cross stitch projects (several were close to being done) and had fully intended on getting 3-4 hours of stitching in, but I decided to hang out with my friends instead. We had a great time talking, joking around, poking fun at other band members (all in fun, of course), and drinking (of course – what’s a band get together without beer?). I only had one beer, so for most of the “toasts” we did (to all kinds of silly things), I used my imaginary glass. I finally went to my room about 11:15, but most everyone else stayed out until about 1. It was TONS of fun, and I’m really glad I didn’t go be a hermit in my room with my stitching.

The reason we went to Ft. Stewart is because their band is deployed in the “sand box” and we covered a change of command ceremony for them this morning. The ceremony was really easy. We were seated to begin with, and we only had to play pre-music, the National Anthem, and their division song and the Army Song. After the ceremony was done, we went back to the hotel to change and then we headed for home. I did get a little more stitching done on the ride home, but I also took a nap for part of the way.

Robbie sure was glad to see me when I picked him up from day care this afternoon!! And I was glad to see him. This was my first night away from him and I sure missed him. I missed Ryan, too, but I’ve been away from him before.

I’m going to finish up online now and get to bed. I’m tired.

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