Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Dad and to my Grandpa!! And of course to my husband Ryan, wonderful Daddy to Robbie!

We got up this morning and relaxed around the house like we always do on Sunday mornings – Church isn’t until 11, so we always have time. Church was good and then we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Good food there as always. Then we went to Walmart to get a few things and then home to watch the NASCAR Race. Our driver (Jeff Gordon) didn’t have a very good day, but that’s alright. You win some and you lose some. I got a bunch of stitching done as Robbie took an almost 2 hour nap this afternoon. When he woke up and had his dinner, we all went to Cold Stone Creamery for our “dinner” – yes, we had ice cream for dinner. It was very good! After Robbie went to bed, I called my grandparents and the Rick (my brother) called me and we did a conference call to Dad (& Mom) to wish him a happy father’s day. We had a nice long chat, and then I stitched some more.

Off to bed now. . .

The rest of the week. . .

Well, it’s been a few days again. Sorry about that. I have no idea what we did at work on Wednesday, but at lunch we held a Hail & Farewell to say goodbye to 5 outstanding soldiers from the unit and welcome 1 new soldier. In the afternoon I took Robbie back to the doctor because he had woken up with his eye stuck shut from so much eye gunk. The doctor confirmed he wasn’t contagious (good thing or he couldn’t go to day care) and he also put in a referral for Robbie to see the pediatric allergist to see if maybe it’s allergies that’s causing Robbie to be so stuffed up all the time. In the evening I played with Robbie until his bedtime and then after he went to bed, I stitched and watched TV. Thursday morning we had a change of command ceremony, so it was an outdoor marching ceremony. It was already about 80 degrees out be ceremony start time at 0830. At least the speakers kept their speeches short. The ceremony went well and no one fell out from the heat. I practiced my scales and stuff in the afternoon and then after work I went and helped our neighborhood association’s treasurer balance the checkbook (she’s 81 and kind of forgetful about some things and likes help for balancing). Then when I got home, Ryan left as he had Men’s Group at the church. Robbie and I played until bedtime, and he must have been super tired. I put him in his high chair and went to make his oatmeal, came back about 2 minutes later and he was sound asleep. I put his oatmeal in the fridge and took him and put him in his crib – he didn’t even wake up. I finally had some dinner (about 7) and then I went and stitched until Ryan got home (about 9).

Friday morning there was another ceremony, but I wasn’t on this one as it was indoors in the orchestra pit at the theater where we do a lot of ceremonies. So I took care of a few things for Reenlistment and then practiced some more. When they got back from the ceremony, First Sergeant told us all to do really good details (our cleaning inside and lawn maintenance outside) and enjoy the rest of the day! So after details were done, I went to the PX to get some new shorts and a few more shirts – they’ve changed our travel clothes policy and we can wear shorts now, but they have to be dressy and all my shorts were too short to be appropriate and then I went home and took a shower, ate some lunch, went to my cross stitch store to pick up a few things that had been ordered for me, and then picked Robbie up early from day care. We came home and played until Ryan got home and then we went next door for our quarterly neighborhood association meeting. The meeting was short (I’m the secretary, so less writing for me!) and the food afterwards (everyone brings something) was wonderful as always! We’ve got some good cooks in our little neighborhood.

And now for Saturday. I had a parade and a ceremony for the Ridge Peach Festival in Trenton, SC. It was a small town parade/festival, but VERY well attended. They had donuts, juice, milk, and coffee for us when we arrived and after the parade (about 1 mile long) and ceremony (started early! and then we played about 20 minutes of patriotic music and marches after for a little concert) were over, they had BBQ sandwiches, chips, coleslaw, peach cobbler, and ice cream for us. It was all really good – I didn’t have any peach cobbler though. They had made so much that a lot of the people that live in the barracks and even some others took a bunch of sandwiches home with them for later. Once I got home, Ryan and Robbie and I went to the Commissary to do our weekly grocery shopping, and then home to play, eat dinner, sleep (Robbie), stitch (me), and watch TV. Ryan and Robbie had a guys day out and ran a few errands before going to a flea market to just look around.