Half-way done!!

I had my mid-term exam for my class tonight. Yes, already. It’s only an 8 week course and this was week 4. There were 20 multiple choice questions and I’m fairly confident that I got all of those right. And there were 2 essay questions. They were worth 10 points each and I’m sure I got at least some points on each of them. I don’t know about all 10 on either – they were wierd questions. One was a comparison one and the two things I was comparing was like comparing apples with horses. Oh yeah, the exam was open-book, too, so that was nice. I used the book for all the multiple choice questions, but I always picked an answer before I looked it up and I did about half without the book.

Today was Flag Day and the Army’s Birthday. The Brass Quintet played at the Army Birthday ceremony on post this morning, but I’m not in BQ anymore. Then the full band played at a Flag Day celebration at the Mall this afternoon. That went well and when we were done with that, we could go home for the day. We all had to drive there as there was no busses available for us. Once I got home, I took a shower and studied some for my exam and got mid-month bills paid. Then I went and got Robbie from day care and we came home and played for a while before dinner and class.

I’m going to go stitch now and actually get to bed at a decent time tonight!