Organizational Behavior

Well, my first night of class was last night. I’m taking Organizational Behavior. The course catalog description says: Course provides an introduction to the evolution of theories of human behavior in organizations with emphasis on modern concepts of organization and behavior of individuals, groups and the organization in the global business environment.
I didn’t have my textbook yet, but there were others in the same boat as I. Pretty much everything we discussed went right over my head as I hadn’t read the materials yet, but I took notes and our instructor also posts her power point presentation on the website we have (it’s called Blackboard), so I printed that out. When I sit down to read everything tomorrow I think it will make more sense. It was pretty interesting despite being over my head. We did form our small groups that we’ll be working in throughout the term for several assignments including our research project. There are 5 people in my group – 3 black females, a white male, and myself. All 4 of them have taken at least one class already, so I’m in a good group. Our instructor made sure that all the “first-termers” were in groups with some of the “older” students.
Speaking of “older”, there really isn’t any older, older students in my class. Most seem to be in their 20’s and 30’s. There may be a couple that are older, but I don’t know for sure. There are 29 registered for the class, but I think only about 24 or 25 were there last night. Our instructor is really nice, and she’s also my degree adviser. I think we’re split about 50/50 male/female. I don’t really know for sure – I sat up front and I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.

I’ll be sure and keep you updated over the next 8 weeks. . .

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