A Day Off!

Robbie and I got to spend the day together today. I had a comp day for working on Saturday. It sure was nice having a day off to spend with my son. We had a great day! It started off by sleeping in until about 7 – I even got a shower before Robbie woke up. After he got up and had his breakfast, he played happily on the floor and I checked my e-mail and cross stitch message boards. Then we went “bye-bye”. I had a few places to go, so we went for a car ride – to the cross stitch store, the used book store (to get my text book for my class that starts tomorrow but they had to order the book from another store and it won’t be here until Wednesday), the gym to cancel our membership, and the day care center to bring a check to pay for the week. Robbie giggled and talked most of the way – until the end when he was getting sleepy and took short naps in between stops. After we got home, we had lunch and played for a while. Then he went down for a nap and I got some computer work done (a letter and the minutes from our last neighborhood association meeting) as well as some stitching. He woke up around 3:15 or so and had his afternoon snack and then we played until Ryan got home from work. Then we went to the Post Office to mail a couple of packages and then home again. I got dinner (meatloaf) started while Ryan played with Robbie. After dinner was bathtime for Robbie – so much fun to watch!! And then bedtime. Ryan and I watched some Tivo and I stitched and he read the newspaper. Just about time for bed now, and then it’s back to work tomorrow.