Back to Jackson. . .

Yesterday was our joint concert with the Ft. Jackson (SC) Band, and it was at Ft. Jackson as part of their Armed Forces’ Day celebration. Ryan was there with his living history group as well, and Emily stayed with Robbie. It was really nice being back at Ft. Jackson – that was my first duty station. The band hall has changed some, but it’s still pretty much the same. And the post itself hasn’t changed all that much. I didn’t get to see a whole lot of it, but it was good to be back at my old “home” for a little while. The concert went really well even though there wasn’t much of an audience – maybe 50 or 75 people. It was nice playing with a 60 piece band for a change, instead of our usual about 30. We even got a free lunch before the concert. The Ft. Jackson band did a BBQ and invited us and any of our family members that had come along (about half our band drove to the gig, including me) to eat with them! That was really nice of them. I’d like to see us do joint concerts more often with them.

We missed church today. There was a joint service at 10:30 due to our spring congregational meeting, but we didn’t remember that it was at 10:30 until we were getting ready to go for 11, when our normal service is. We still went out and got our weekly grocery shopping done, though. And then in the afternoon I went to a baby shower for Melody, the wife of one of my co-workers who had a BIG (9 pounds, 14 ounces) baby boy on Mother’s Day. That was a lot of fun, but everyone else that was there asked where my guys were. They were invited too, but they stayed home. Robbie was napping when I left. It was a lot of fun, and I even won the one game that we played! Once I got home from there, Ryan and I watched the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed last night because we were too tired to watch it then and I got a bunch of stitching done.

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