Back to School

Well, I registered for my first class for my Masters Degree today. I’ll be taking Organizational Behavior. It will be meeting on Tuesday evenings, beginning next week and going through the middle of July. The degree I’m working towards is Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. How’s that for a mouthful? I’ll be getting my degree from Troy University.

That was about the highlight of my day. We had drill band (marching band) this morning because our commander didn’t think we sounded or looked very good for our parade on Saturday. We disagreed, but who are we to argue with the commander? After that was done, we had time to work in our offices or practice. I did some of each. Then after lunch (which I spent with Robbie, as usual), we went over the results of an in-house survey we took last week – one to see how the climate of the unit was. Everything seems to be going well, and the commander has some idea now of our feelings and thoughts. Then I went to register for my class. After Ryan got home and changed, we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. It was ok, but I think we’ll stick to the Olive Garden when we want Italian. I’m eating some watermelon now and I’ll be going to be shortly.

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