Caller Number 9

As I was driving downtown to a job this afternoon (we had the job rehearsal this morning and then were off until the job that I decided to drive directly to instead of going all the way out to Post first), I was listening to the local country station as I always do in my car. Well, the dj said that if you were caller number 9 you would win a pair of tickets to Hot Southern Nights – a country concert that will be in town next Friday night. So on a whim (I can NEVER get through to this radio station) I tried calling. The station’s phone number is speed dial 40 on my phone, so it was pretty easy. It RANG! I got a message that said “You are caller number 4. Please hang up and try again.” Ok, so I hang up and wait a few seconds and called again. It rang AGAIN! And a live person answered and said “Congratulations! You are called number9!” HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!! I won tickets to a concert! So Ryan and I will be having a date night next Friday evening and Robbie will have a babysitter – one of the girls from church.

Other than that, my week was pretty uneventful. We had rehearsals (joint one with the Ft. Jackson Band on Tuesday) and I practiced in the afternoons and worked in my training and/or reenlistment offices. Today’s gig was the first one all week that I had to do – there were a couple Brass Quintet or Jazz Combo gigs, but I’m not in those groups.

Robbie is doing great at day care. He had a first today, but you’ll have to go to his webpage to read about it. Ryan’s still working hard and not getting paid nearly enough for the amount of work he does. But at least it’s a second income.

I guess that’s it for today. I’m tired and heading off to bed.

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