Happy Mother’s Day!!

I had a wonderful day. My guys let me sleep in this morning. Ryan got up with Robbie about 7 and I slept until 8. Yay! And then when I came out of the bedroom, Robbie all but dove at me saying “Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma”!!! What a great way to wake up. Church was nice and I got 2 red carnations from the youth group. Grocery shopping was. . . We do that every week after church. I called my Grandma and my Mom and chatted with each for a while (and got to talk to my Dad, too). Ryan was going to grill hamburgers for dinner, but our grill was out of gas so he did them in my electric frying pan instead. They were still pretty good! He had fries with his and I had some steamed broccoli with cheese. Once Robbie went to bed, I sat down and got some stitching done. Lunches for tomorrow are made and I’m doing my last e-mail and message board check before heading off to bed.

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