Good-bye Pastor Nancy

Yesterday was Pastor Nancy’s last Sunday with us as our new pastor arrives next week from Michigan. Pastor Nancy has been our transitional pastor since Pastor Jon left last spring. The service was out at a park near a large lake – really beautiful, but a bit breezy and cool. It was still nice, though. And after the service we had a picnic with TONS of good food – Lutherans sure know how to cook! After we were done eating, Ryan went and played some horseshoes with some of the other guys from church. He and his partner lost, but they still had a good time. Robbie and I just watched and cheered them all on. We came home and started watching a little bit of TV and then I remembered that we hadn’t gone grocery shopping. So we all got back in the van and went to the store and shopped and then came home again. And then Ryan had to leave for his weekly bowling league. Robbie and I played for a little while and then it was his bedtime and I called Mom & Dad and Grandma Eleanore & Grandpa Bob and talked to everyone for a while while I stitched.

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