Swamp Stomp 5K

Yesterday was my first race since I had Robbie – the Swamp Stomp 5K at Phinizy Swamp here in Augusta. It’s also the last race I ran while I was pregnant. Here’s my race report:
It was a beautiful day for a race. It was just a bit chilly during registration and waiting around – perfect! Once we got going, it was really nice, and the sun shining on nature sure was pretty! My friend/co-worker Kristin ran it with me – we started out together but about mile 1.25 she took off and left me in her dust. That’s fine – she’s a faster runner than me! The trail wasn’t as soggy as I expected (we had some thunderstroms the day & evening before) and I didn’t really need my other shoes after (I had brought dry socks and another pair of shoes for just in case). I had a great run and finished in 32:56, not a bad time for my first race since Robbie. It’s a little slower than my regular 5K time, but trail runs usually are slower. No awards for me, but I had a great time and that’s most important part! Oh, and I got a cool t-shirt, too!
Ryan and Robbie came to cheer me on, and after the race was done, we went to Burger King for breakfast. After Robbie’s nap, we went to a Gun & Knife show for Ryan to look around. After Robbie went to bed, we watched the NASCAR race and I stitched. We both dozed off and missed a good part of the race, but I caught the end at least. Oh well.

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