Back to work. . .

Well, it was back to work for me today and off to a new day care center called the Kiddie Castle for Robbie. It was a good day for me. PT was just stretching and then whatever we need to do to prepare for our PT test the end of this week. I did some pushups and situps. In the morning we had rehearsal for the job we had in the afternoon and then got an early lunch. We had to be back at 12:30 for the job – Kiddie Concerts at a local elementary school. We just played some marches and did instrument demos – did the whole thing twice. The younger kids were in first and then the older grades. They all really enjoyed it, and I like playing for kids. That took all afternoon so when we got back to the band hall, we got to go home!
Robbie stayed with Ryan this evening as I had my monthly EGA meeting. It was nice seeing all my friends there and getting a little “me-time”. Ryan and Robbie had a great time together too.