The Van

I brought our van in to the dealership this morning so they could look at Robbie’s sliding door. It’s a “magic” door (as Suzanne’s older boy calls it) – it opens by itself after one of 3 buttons is pushed. Well, it’s not been working properly for about a month now – it’ll start to open and get about 4 inches and then we have to open it the rest of the way manually. Closing, it’ll close except about the last foot and then we have to close it manually. We (Robbie & I) had to leave it there as it would take a while for them to look and diagnose it. They had a courtesy shuttle bring us home (I brought Robbie’s other car seat to use). So we spent the day around the house playing and napping/stitching (Robbie napped and I stitched). The car place finally called about 3 in the afternoon. The motor on the door is not working properly and they had to order the part so I’ll have to bring my van back in for another whole day in a few days or so. I’m hoping it’s Friday while I’m still on leave or Ryan will have to go into work late one morning so we can juggle our transportation stuff in the morning. The good news is that it’s covered under warranty so we’re not going to have to pay anything for it!

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