Happy Easter!!

What a glorious day! It’s Easter – time of a new birth! We went to the early service at church this morning and then to the “Easter Feaster” afterwards. It was a brunch between the services – lots of really good food. Once we got home, we started our final preparations for our Easter dinner – got the rolls baked, the ham in the oven, and once the ham was done, the green bean casserole went in. I had baked an apple pie yesterday. About 3:00 our guests started arriving – 2 single soldiers and a married couple from my unit, whom we had invited. Shelley brought deviled eggs (yum, yum!!!!), Christina brought a corn casserole (yum again!), and Kristin brought a bottle of wine. The meal and the company were all good and everyone was really appreciative of me and Ryan inviting them over for dinner. It was my first time cooking a holiday meal and I’m glad everything (well, except the gravy) turned out so well!! They stayed until a little after 6 – we had pie and ice cream before they left. Robbie did really well with everyone here and even sat at the table with us (in his high chair, of course) while we ate. He had some mashed potatoes but didn’t like them. He did like the applesauce though!
I’m tired now, and I’ll be going to bed shortly. I’m just going to have a cup of tea first.