Parades and Yard Sales

Ryan and I both had to work today, so Robbie got to spend some extra time with Miss Suzanne. Ryan ended up getting 9 hours of overtime and I worked for not quite 2 hours and now I get Monday off! Today was the day of the post-wide yard sales – The Great American Yard Sale. The band always get tasked to play at this event. Here is what we did after formation and a VERY short rehearsal: get on the bus, drive to housing area 1 (we have 4), get off the bus and form into a marching block formation, step off marching, play through one march, arrive at end point (where the bus is waiting), stop marching, fall out, get on bus, repeat for each housing area. The last area we played 2 marches as it was a little bit bigger area. We had beautiful sunny weather and it actually was kind of fun – gave me good practice at my memorized (well, I’m getting there) marches if nothing else.

After we got back to the band hall and Suzanne brought Robbie (she went around to the yard sales with her 2 boys and Robbie) to me, I put him in his jogging stroller and we went for our first of hopefully many runs together. We only went 2 miles, but I need to get used to running with the stroller. Robbie seemed to enjoy it – he giggled and talked most of the way and he really liked at the end where I sprinted the last 100 yards or so!
I took a nap this afternoon while Robbie was napping. I was stitching, but I was falling asleep stitching so I put that down and curled up on the couch under the afghan that my brother crocheted for us for our wedding. I’m going to bed early tonight, too – I’m tired.