Short week!!

I only had a 3-day work week this week! That was really nice, and I got a lot accomplished. We had our 100% Change of Command inventory scheduled and it went a lot quicker than planned so there was a lot of admin/office time that got put on the schedule instead of scheduling rehearsals last minute. I got all my reenlistment stuff caught up from when I was on maternity leave and I got a bunch of stuff done in the training office. It’s a really good feeling being caught up finally! Thursday morning we played at a departure ceremony for a unit that is being deployed and then Thursday afternoon for our NCO Professional Development we had a class on nutrition (the first of several we will be having). It was pretty interesting. Once that was done, First Sergeant told us to do details and then go home!! WOW! We actually got off early for a change. I was HOME (including picking Robbie up) by a little after 3:30 instead of my usual 4:30. I had my workout session with my personal trainer at the gym in the evening and I had a really good workout. Then I got home and Ryan and I watched the Gatorade Duels (2 150-mile races) that we had Tivo’d from earlier in the day and I stitched after Robbie went to bed. We fed him his first rice cereal last night – I think he may have worn more than he got in him, but it’s a start!

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