Almost done!

Yay! The week is almost over! It’s been a long week – mostly because there’s not much going on at work right now. I’ve gotten a lot of work done in my reenlistment office and I’m slowly getting caught up on my paperwork and everything from when I was on maternity leave. I had a soldier reenlist today for another 3 years, and another one is having his ceremony tomorrow! I guess I must be doing something right. Other than reenlistment stuff, I’ve been doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that at work – just helping other people out with stuff.

Ryan and I took Robbie to our Ash Wednesday service at church last night. He even got ashes on his forehead like everyone else! After church and this evening Ryan played with Robbie while I stitched. Ryan sure can get Robbie giggling!! It’s so much fun to watch them together.

One thought on “Almost done!

  1. Wish we could hear

    Darn, I wish we could hear him giggle. I have been waiting to find out when he would start. They laugh at the oddest things. Not saying Ryan is odd, ummm, well… hahaha, but you know what I mean.

    Grandpa DALE.

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