Joint Concert

We played a joint concert this evening with the U.S. Continental Army Band from Ft. Monroe. It was a lot of fun! We rehearsed for a couple of hours this afternoon and then played for a full house this evening. There was some really challenging music on the program, but it was enjoyable. Ryan and Robbie came to the concert, and Robbie slept through about the last half of it – even though the LOUD percussion part in one piece!
Ryan took the afternoon off today so he could watch Robbie this afternoon while I was at rehearsal. Our concert site was about 3 miles from the house and it made no sense to drive all the way to Suzanne’s (15 miles) for a couple of hours. The guys had a good time together – playing, napping, and snacking!
I’m off to bed now as I have to work tomorrow, but not until 10.