Groundhog Day

So, did the groundhog see his shadow today? I haven’t heard. Of course, here in Georgia, spring should be right around the corner anyways. Last year I was starting to wear shorts in March already, so only another month to go. It was chilly here the past few days – didn’t get much above 45 (yeah, I know, that’s warm compared to some of you). It’s also been windy and that really makes it feel cold.

Monday was a pretty standard day. We had PT in the morning and then concert band rehearsal. After lunch I worked on some things in my Training office to get ready for our annual Common Task Training (Army tasks that are required to be tested on each year). I’m in charge of getting everything set up for this. Tuesday I was CQ, so it was a really early day. My alarm went off at 4:20 a.m. so that I could get myself and Robbie ready to leave by 5:30 so I could be at the band hall by 6. I was only 5 minutes late getting there, so it wasn’t too bad. There wasn’t anything going on in the morning so I got to stitch all morning! We had concert band in the afternoon and that went well. The day actually went by pretty fast. Today was PT and then concert band and then a ceremony for the African-American History program on post. The guest speaker was really interesting and didn’t drone on forever like some speakers do. I was actually home by 4 today – early for me! Ryan and I attended our monthly dinner at our church this evening, but this was a special one. We got to meet our pastor candidate (we’ve been without a pastor for about a year and have had a transition pastor since last Easter) and after dinner he gave a short devotional and told us about him and his family and then there was a question and answer period. I don’t know how the rest of the congregation feels, but Ryan and I really like him. He has a sense of humor, is very personable, likes kids, and is a good speaker. We have a congregational meeting on Sunday to vote whether or not to offer him a call. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Just thought I would check

    Wow, a journal entry and I found it before you even told me there was one. Yes, the groundhog saw his shadow and yes we always have 6 more weeks of winter UP here. hahaha

    That is great you might get a new pastor. Did you get to hear him do a sermon and do a church service? That should be viewed and determined too.


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