Long week. . .

Despite it only being 3 work days, this sure was a long week for me. Monday and Tuesday were nice because we were off, but I still ended up on post both days. Monday was Robbie’s 4-month well baby check up. He’s up to 18 pounds, 1 ounce, and is 26 inches long. He’s in the 95th percentile for both weight and length and his doctor said that he is doing very well and is well-proportioned! He also got 4 shots – hardly cried at all and then went to sleep almost before we got back to the waiting room. Tuesday I had to go in to be issued one piece of equipment – everyone in the band had to go. Robbie came with me, but he was a good boy. It was quick, so we were back home about an hour after we left. Wednesday was a day of admin so we could get caught up in our offices. I did reenlistment stuff all morning and training stuff all afternoon. I got a lot accomplished, but there’s still some more to do to be all caught up. Thursday we played at the post retirement ceremony in the morning and then after lunch we attended an awards ceremony and we got Certificate of Achievements from the Commander of Ft. Gordon for playing at the Signal Symposium that was in early December. After work, Ryan and Robbie and I went to the hospital to bring a plant and a card to the family from the band that just had a baby on Wednesday. He is TINY – only 5 pounds, 14 ounces!! But he’s cute!! Mom and baby are both doing fine. We stopped for dinner at Dave’s Famous BBQ on the way home – YUMMY food! Today we had flu shots in the morning during PT time and then concert band all morning. We sight read a lot of the songs for our next concert which is on 7 February with the TRADOC Band from Ft. Monroe. I was also CQ today – found out that I was doing that after I had gotten my flu shot. That was kind of nice – I got to stitch all afternoon as there wasn’t anything going on. After work, I went to the gym and worked with my personal trainer and then came home and made spaghetti.
Whew! How’s that for a short week?

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