Free day?

We left Tallahassee this morning and headed west for Pensacola. It was bound to be an interesting day. While we were checking out of our hotel this morning, our Ops (Operations) guy realized that he hadn’t taken into account that Pensacola is in the Central time zone when he was figuring times. Based on our schedule, we would be arriving at the hotel an hour early for our early check-in time of 12:30. So we took our time and even made an unscheduled Burger King stop for 45 minutes to give us a chance to get breakfast if we wanted. We ended up getting to the hotel about noon, local time. Our rooms were FAR from being ready. Luckily there is a mall right here by the hotel, so most of the band went there and wandered around (and some shopped) until 2:00 when we were to be back to finally check in. Rooms still weren’t ready for everyone, and they checked us in as rooms were cleaned. I think finally everyone had a room by about 3:30 or so. Not a good start to our day off. It wasn’t bad for me other than that we were still in the lobby of the hotel waiting for a room during Robbie’s naptime. He was starting to get kind of fussy. When we finally got into our room, he had a snack and went right to sleep. The three of us just hung out in our room all afternoon and then went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. That was pretty fun – Ryan had never been to one before. We played a few games and stuff and ended up with enough tickets to get a small football (soft one) for Robbie. He had fun chewing on the end of it. We spent the evening in our room as well and watched “Around the World in 80 Days” – a movie that’s out with Jackie Chan in it. It was pretty good. I stitched during the whole movie. Right now I’m working on Robbie’s birth sampler.
I’m heading off to bed now – we’ve got a LONG day tomorrow. We don’t have to be on the bus until 12:30, but we’re not scheduled to be back to the hotel until after midnight.

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