All gone

After church this morning, we did our weekly grocery shopping. We shop at Kroger and each time we shop, our receipt lets us know how much we saved. The amount that we save each week is going into Robbie’s savings account! Last year we saved a little over $400!
During the afternoon, we took all our Christmas decorations down and got them put away. It sure looks bare in here with the tree gone. We also did a little bit of cleaning – got the trash taken out and litter box scooped and other fun stuff. Ryan had bowling this evening and went early so he could practice some as he hasn’t bowled in a few weeks. I stayed home with Robbie and watched the Packers/Vikings football game. Unfortunately my Packers lost so their season is over. But that’s ok – there’s always next year. Robbie napped during part of the game, so I got some stitching in.
Back to work tomorrow. . .

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