Happy New Year!!!

Well, 2004 is now behind us and a brand new year ahead. I want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful and blessed new year, and may all your wishes for the year come true!!

Our evening was nice – just the 5 of us (Robbie went to bed about 8). We played LIFE and Scattergories, had some drinks (it varied from water to eggnog to beer to Boone’s Farm wine), and toasted in the new year with champagne as we watched the ball drop on TV. I crocheted my first stitches of the new year – crossed stitches will have to wait until after I sleep.

Mom and I and Robbie went to town today to do a bit of shopping. We got a Christening outfit for him for his Baptism on Sunday, and also some food for our open house we’re having tomorrow in honor of it. We got a few other things, too. It was nice having a “Mom & Me” day again!

I’m too tired to think about much else now, so I’ll say good night. And again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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